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Aug. 30th, 2007

raaar attack kitteh!


Update: LJ *admits* they can't judge what is legal and what isn't!

In a followup to a story I've written re LJ tolerating communities promoting "Bible-based baby beating" whilst nuking fandom communities and fanart posters (original post here and mirrored on this community, update here and mirrored on Innocence Jihadhere), it seems that LJ Abuse got back to me in regards to one of the missives I sent them (regarding trainupachild).

The answer that I got back was...shall we say...enlightening.

LJ admits in abuse report reply that they cannot in fact make legal judgements, differentiate between RL threats of child abuse and adult fanart involving persons over the age of majorityCollapse )

Of course, when I tried to provide LJ Abuse this info I found the abuse ticket had been closed and I no longer had "sufficient privileges" to open it. :P

FWIW, here are two requests:

a) It has been suggested by multiple people that the California District-Attorney's office be contacted. The information I have provided to Livejournal in my abuse reports (specifically, all evidentiary links noted) are in the Dark Christianity posts noted above, along with LJ responses. The Office of Victim's Services is linkable here (unfortunately, there is no specific department for reporting allegations of child abuse).

I would in fact encourage multiple complaints of this sort.

b) Please publicise this widely. At this point, this needs to go to media (possibly even television and dead-tree media) as well as widely on the Internet.

Aug. 28th, 2007

raaar attack kitteh!


Update: Religiously motivated child abuse A-OK according to LJ

Roughly a month or so ago, I wrote an extensive article in regards to two communities on LJ which promote religiously motivated child abuse--specifically trainupachild which promotes the works of the Pearls, Tedd Tripp and Bill Gothard, and babywise which promoted the work of the Ezzos.

These two communities were selected, in part, because they have promoted religiously motivated child abuse that has specifically resulted in the deaths of kids; in part, I was inspired to report on and make formal complaint to LJ Abuse in regards to these due to reports that fanartists were having accounts removed whilst communities that were promoting activity known to be harmful to minors were left alone (in particular, several "pro-anorexia" communities which provided explicit instructions on how to binge and purge, sources of diet pills and laxatives, etc. that LJ had indicated were acceptable despite specific conditions in the terms of service that prohibit any community meant to "harm minors in any way").

A few days ago, Livejournal Abuse finally got back to me in regards to the complaints I had made (which included specific pointers to content promoted)...and, well, I think the evidence speaks for itself.

Livejournal, apparently, sees Harry Potter slash artists as a greater threat to the common good than communities promoting religiously-motivated child abuse and neglect which has proven fatal to Real Life kidsCollapse )

Needless to say, I have appealed LJ Abuse's info (including providing additional info in pointing out specific TOS violations and also pointing out instances of children who have died because of advice promoted; at least one followup sent to LJ Abuse in regards to babywise contained info re infant deaths directly attributed to the advice given in the "Babywise" books and Babywise support forums as well as info re the original publisher having stopped publishing and even considered a recall when they found out that kids were dying as a result.

I honestly don't expect anything to be done--but I do intend to make a case that real child abuse communities aren't being followed nearly as aggressively as the complaints LJ has acted on with its strikeouts.

(As always, people are free to link/mirror/Digg/etc. this link and wide distribution is encouraged)

Aug. 25th, 2007

Wondering Statue


Membership requests

There are several pending membership requests. If you have no (or few) friends listed, the journal was recently created, and/or no (or few) entries, can you please make a comment here comment here (in my open post in my journal) with your main journal or handle? All comments will be screened for this post.

Thank you!

P.S. I'm sorry, I thought I had allowed screened commenting to all but I guess I can't override the community defaults.

Aug. 21st, 2007


An Announcement and Rules

I've had a whole lovely day of deep thought and consideration regarding the future of this community, and this is what it comes down to.

This community was originally started as a source of news and information regarding the first round of Strikethrough; the first cause was to defend our fictional literature and art from unfair reportings by the Warriors for Innocence. Then we realized that WFI wasn't the only thing this was about- they may have been the force behind it, but Livejournal hit the suspend button. We began working on organized protest, and those efforts began to fade as the passion died. They apologized- Everything was fine, right?

Second round, and strike two. The community came back to life, and the protests began again. Unfortunately, this time around, I've been noticing that people aren't focusing on the contradictions of Livejournal/SixApart regarding literary and art censorship; It's leaning toward 'LJ/6A = ultimate evil', and even if they're not our favorite people, and even if you really think that, it's not the point of this community.

We're setting down some rules now, and it's going to be strict from here on out. Think it's hypocritical of a 'free speech' community to have rules? Well, even the US has laws, and they have the first amendment. It's order over anarchy, people.

First, we are a <b>fandom</b> community. If you aren't fandom, but you still support us, fine. Stay on, keep up the good work. If you've only joined this community to laugh at us and call our efforts ridiculous, you should take your asshattery elsewhere, because we don't want it. People who do this will be warned twice and banned on the third offense.

Second: We are all here for the same reason. We are against the censorship of Livejournal. Not each other. If you have a problem with someone, disagree <b>politely</b> and with <b>maturity</b>. If you behave rudely, offensively, or otherwise stupidly, you'll get warned twice, and banned on the third offense.

Third Rule. Trolls are not going to be tolerated. What's a troll, you might ask? Let's look to our friend the Urban Dictionary.

<i>2. Troll</i>

One who purposely and deliberately (that purpose usually being self-amusement) starts an argument in a manner which attacks others on a forum without in any way listening to the arguments proposed by his or her peers. He will spark of such an argument via the use of ad hominem attacks (i.e. 'you're nothing but a fanboy' is a popular phrase) with no substance or relevence to back them up as well as straw man arguments, which he uses to simply avoid addressing the essence of the issue.

A troll doesn't have to have a new journal, be using a sock puppet, or anything else stereotypical. A troll is a troll is a troll. If you see a troll, you should report it, and then a moderator freezes replies on the thread and/or deletes the post. That really depends on how funny we find them. Trolls are banned immediately upon the freezing/deletion of their post. If they’re not a troll, we’ll let you know. Don’t reply if you think they are.

Four: Post content only related to the cause of the community. I know, you guys have some really great essays about the evils of LJ/6A, but I'm going to have to ask you to take them to another community. Is there an <lj user="we_hate_lj"> community yet? Someone should make one, if not, because you guys do your research and deserve to have other people read it. Unfortunately, they just don't fit here, and they cause more trouble than they do good.

I reserve the right to add more rules as they are needed. You all know I waited as long as I could to do this, and you all know I wouldn't do this unless I thought it was absolutely necessary. I'm sorry if you disagree, but this is for the wellbeing of the community and everyone in it.

From now on this community is going to be friends only. From now on, PLEASE post your entries as friends only. This ensures the privacy of the posts and the posters. Things of great importance to the whole Livejournal community will be made public.
He Lives!, Baby, Morticia


If you can't beat 'em...

join 'em.

(With thanks to the person who helped me with the technical assistance)

And for everyone else there's:


Aug. 20th, 2007



Once More, With Feeling, Another Letter.

This post is directed to Anildash since we can assume that he does read this community, but I am making it a general post due to its tl;dr nature, and the fact that I stopped being emotional and think I came upon some relevant things to ask of the VP of 6A:

Dear AnildashCollapse )

Meanwhile, I am interested if anyone else reading this is good at math and can analyze the data in LJ’s most popular interests about how many people would affected by this change roughly? An estimate of fans in general if not fandom since fandom is more than just the artists or writers, but also the lurkers watching. If I believe these numbers to be right, then there are a lot more people involved in this issue that aren’t saying anything, but are watching to see which way the dice tumble.

Also, anyone know what Anildash's e-mail is so I can send this letter to him personally?

Well, that’s all I have, if anyone has anything else to add or I forgot an issue, feel free to add it in comment and I will edit it in. Please don't try answering the questions listed since I'm hoping for an official/un-official-but-from-6A reply. If you got documentation from abuse reports and official comments made by employee's, please add them.

Earlier ETA'sCollapse )

ETA @ 8:25 PM EST:

Holy crude, I actually got a reply!Collapse )


(no subject)

stardust_rain's post of yesterday got me thinking, because both arguments that seem to be dominating discussions-"LJ wants fandom gone" vs. "LJ is in heap-big financial trouble"-both seem to have their flaws. If LJ wants fandom gone, why not just yank on the copyright violation angle, which is much more plausible than ZOMGCHILDPORN!? If LJ is in heap-big financial trouble and needs every paid user that it can get in addition to the sponsors, then why are they being such dicks in the first place? Strikethrough the First can be chalked up to the mistakes of bunch of techs who have never had a PR explosion like that before. Strikethrough 2: Fascist Boogaloo is much more head-scratching.

And then I stumbled across this post on metafandom: LJ as the New FanLib.

I have to admit, it's a pretty plausible argument. They get content for free, the content draws the eyeballs that will see the ads, and there you go. The main reason that FanLib failed is that fandom didn't need it when they already have LJ. I would like to think that this venture is going to fail where FanLib is at least squeaking along by attracting feral fans who have never really been socialized in the first place, because LJ is currently making the exact same mistake that FanLib made: underestimating the power of a united response because they don't understand just how social their target audience is. It's certainly reasonable, however.


(no subject)

You might as well pop open a Pepsi MAX and swallow; 6A played you well.

How could they have not predicted the backlash after all the past dramas? 6A knew it would whip everyone up into a paranoid, self-righteous frenzy. By mid-September, nearly every livejournal user will be familiar with Pepsi MAX, not because of traditional advertisement, but by your unintended word of mouth. They know you like to bitch, and it doesn't matter what context the brand name is brought up in as long as awareness of it is instilled.

And I don't blame them. I'd channel your entitlement wangst into marketing revenue, too, if I had opportunity.

You want to do something about it? Go create some heinous journals with the Pepsi branding you've been authorized to use, and send the link back to Pepsi.

Enjoy your Nazi-analogies, E-Lawsuits and weak censorship attempts. :) I'm out.

Aug. 19th, 2007

slashfairy: Renaissance


From the Scotsman newspaper today


follow down: second half about 'slash porn' and harry potter.

ETA: pictishqueen in comments below http://community.livejournal.com/innocence_jihad/210129.html?thread=3622097#t3622097

very good points.



If this post is inappropriate, I have no problems with deleting it or it being deleted by someone else.

soleta_nf and I created ljconfl_archive for the purpose of gathering in one place all those links and pieces of information we’ve seen floating around out there. We want to have an archive to act as a single, cohesive and comprehensive resource where users can have this information at their fingertips. Personally, I’ve been running an ongoing series of posts covering the current issue, but I wasted time searching for links to reference what I was talking about. ljconfl_archive will hopefully remedy that problem, not just for me but for everyone needing information for coverage purposes or for essays.

We have done our best to make certain the Archive will remain objective information, free from bias. While the information linked in the Archive may show bias itself, anyone posting to the Archive must refrain from using any biased/subjective language.

We want information on Strikethrough and Boldthrough, of course, but also on past controversies that have occurred in the LiveJournal community, such as the controversy concerning default user pics depicting breastfeeding.

By posting this information, we are inviting everyone with links to information to come join and help us build the Archive into the comprehensive resource everyone needs. Already, we have a timeline of events, a listing of communities dedicated in one way or another to the issues at hand, and other information. One person can only gather so much, however. We need to come together as the LiveJournal community to offer our knowledge and in it, seek the larger truth.


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